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So you have been injured in an accident that was not of your making? Your accident big or small, will it cost you money to go for a Personal Injury claim for compensation? Why would you have to shell out money for a hot shot Personal Injury Solicitor when you have been harmed by a third party and it was no fault of your own? What you need is a No win no Fee Solicitor Dublin Who will guide you on personal injury law and get you the legal team and explain all the legal costs and if you claim is successful how all the costs will work and who will take away all the stress and trauma of wondering how much it will cost and how you will fit it into your already pressurized cash flow.

Remember that after your accident and because of your injuries you may not be able to earn money from your work and the cost of rehab, treatment and medication may well be payable up front.

You know just what you have to do now and contact us just as soon as you can to find out how the legal costs work with compensation claims.

We are going to give you the reassurance of knowing your claim is managed in its entirety from the initial call you make to the very end.

We have got experienced associate no win no fee solicitors in Ireland who've managed hundreds of personal injury claims, and have an established history of success!

Do not wait, it is time you get your claim settled promptly, time is very important to you!

Let our team of ethical, favorable, and assertive associated solicitors manage your case from beginning to finish, - Our Goal is to do our very best for you!

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Do not wait, it is time you get your claim settled promptly, as it will take time!

Simply give us a call at 01-6854299 or just fill in your information into the box to begin immediately!

Do not let an Insurance Firm attempt to Dis-wade you into settling early without taking advice


Why Do You Need a No Win No Fee Solicitor

Whether your accident is the result of a Road Traffic Accident, with a car a lorry a bus or a bike or a pedestrian. CONTACT US NOW.

Whether your accident is the result of a slip or fall.

Why Do You Need a No Win No Fee Solicitor

Whether your accident is the result of a work injury or accident.

The major advantage of a No Win No Fee agreement is that you pay your hot shot Personal Injury Solicitor, not a penny, not a cent unless he wins you the personal injury claim! If the personal injury claim is lost then you owe him no fees at all!

Reverse the stress of your personal injury claim onto your referred solicitor and see and evaluate the speed at which your claim for compensation is dealt with, see how good the communication is with the firm and how often and quickly they are available to deal with you. You will be amazed at how good and professional the service really is. Just CONTACT US NOW.

Not all indeed most Personal Injury Solicitors like or offer this kind of agreement. Why is this? Simply there are two reasons why this fact. Firstly, as has already been explained there is a risk that the claim may be lost and therefore the Personal Injury Solicitor will get stuck with their fees. Secondly, many Personal Injury Solicitors will take the claim and bill you for the privilege without any urgency or focus to win. It is easy!

Contact us now! You know it makes sense!

Personal Injury Lawyers and Compensation Claims

Let us face it most people in Ireland who are involved in an accident through no fault of their own, in other words, the accident was caused by a third party, would not be able to afford to take a personal injury claim without Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin offering to take the case with a No Win NO Fee agreement. Solicitors in Ireland often call No Win No Fee agreements foal no fee or even in some cases a contingency fee. What that means is that they will pay nothing by way of fees for legal advice to their experienced personal injury solicitors for their compensation claims. However, if the claim for personal injury is won then fees to the solicitors Dublin will become due. The fee basis for personal injury claims will be highlighted further down this page.

Accidents come in all shapes and sizes and could be from road traffic accidents, slips and trips, falls, work injuries and accidents and Medical Negligence. We all have accidents in our lives; even if we think it will never happen to us! But they do and the most common of those is the car accident. Negligence claims arising from car accidents give rise to the following types of personal injury;

  • Arm injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Whiplash injuries

Obviously, the above list is not exhaustive and a road accident may produce other injuries.

A law firm and its legal team, who may have co solicitors, are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. The Law Society as result regulates how they calculate legal fees or other charges for accident claims such as road accidents by a simple sentence;

“In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement”

That means that your fee arrangement for your fee solicitors Dublin is based on the time spent by the different categories of people in the law firm, from partners to legal executives and clerical staff. Added to that are expenses for travel, telephone etc. How they calculate fees will be detailed in an invoice to the client.

Legal aid for all personal injury claims and medical negligence claims and head injury claims is not available and hence the importance of No Win No Fee arrangements for legal fees. The Law Society of Ireland does not permit the advertising of No Win No Fee by solicitors firms for their legal fees, but law solicitors are allowed to provide No Win No Fee arrangements road traffic accident claims and other personal injury claims such as slips trips.

Personal Injury Compensation and Medical Negligence Compensation is never straight forward and the Government is currently looking at ways to reduce the personal injury compensation for some accidents read the Irish Times November 17th, 2016

Link :

“The Government is to set up a new commission on personal injury claims in an attempt to bring insurance payouts following car crashes into line with international standards. It is hoped lower compensation payments will lead to reduced motor insurance premiums.

The Personal Injury Commission will particularly focus on payouts for soft-tissue injuries, such as whiplash, which have risen substantially in recent years.”


Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Solicitor to Claim For Personal Injury?

As you can imagine the attempt to regulate the Personal Injury sector is controversial and attempts have been made before with the PIAB and then the Injuries Board. Generally speaking all Personal injury claims for compensation, except for Medical Negligence have to be submitted to the Injuries Board, formerly the PIAB for adjudication. Whatever the Injuries Board decides is neither binding on the claimer nor on the insurance company who is the defendant. The idea was that anybody could make a personal injury claim for an award or settlement without the cost and expense of a solicitor. It sounds a very reasonable idea but is flawed as the Injuries Board expect all paper work submitted to be 100% accurate and if it is not they will not tell you or correct the paperwork and some people have lost out by their claims being ultimately rejected by being out of time due to the statute of limitation. On top of that most law firms claim that they are capable of obtaining bigger awards and settlements than awarded by the Injuries Board. Some solicitors based in Dublin city centre even advertise that in over 90% of cases they do better and even one goes to advertising 98% better!

There is something that you should be fully aware of when taking on a No Win No Fee arrangement for a personal injury claim. In the event that you lose your Claim for personal injury then under the terms of a No Win No Fee arrangement, you will not be liable to pay your experienced personal injury solicitor. BUT you may be liable for the fees and costs of your opposing insurance company in the case of them winning and you losing your personal injury claim for compensation. If this is a concern for you, then most personal injury solicitors will be happy to fix you up with an insurance policy that will cover you for any such costs or expenses.

Another positive effect of a No Win No Fee arrangement for compensation for an injury that was not of your making is that it has the result of really focusing the concentration of your personal injury solicitor to win your case for compensation. Why is that the case? Well unless your personal injury solicitor wins the case they will not be remunerated in any way! Some people believe that this is a Win Win situation for you who are making a personal injury claim for compensation.

Another negative effect is those personal injury solicitors who offer No Win No Fee arrangement for compensation for an injury that was not of your making is that they have a tendency in becoming conservative and in some cases ultra conservative. What does this mean? It means that they tend to take on only personal injury claims that are nailed on a 100%. This means that they only take on cases that they are sure to win and therefore are going to get paid for!

Whatever you think No Win No Fee can be a game changer for you if you get it right.



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